SCRUFF Jobs in Doha - Information Security Officer

SCRUFF Jobs in Doha - Information Security Officer

Walk in Interview, Apply for Information Security Officer Job in Doha, Qatar

Job Description

We are currently looking for Information Security Officer for our Qatar operations with the following skill sets and terms & conditions.

Business Knowledge and Technical Experience

  • 7 years' experience working in an Information Security role.
  • 5 years' experience managing compliance assessments within a corporate setting.
  • Proven experience developing and submitting IT audit and compliance reports to governing bodies, legal entities and/or external authorities.
  • Experience in planning, organizing and developing information technology policies, procedures and practices.
  • Direct experience and knowledge of national, state, provincial and local information technology laws and regulations, including Qatar NIA, Qatar NICS, Qatar Cybersecurity Framework, GDPR.
  • Strong communication skills (written and oral), particularly with government/legal agencies and external/internal auditors.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply IT-related knowledge and experience in solving compliance issues.
  • Excellent knowledge of technology environments, including information security, encryption methods and privacy-based solutions.

Scope of Activities

  • Determine and maintain an inventory of all regulatory, commercial, and organizational technology compliance requirements.
  • Facilitate the creation and modification of all technology compliance policies.
  • Create an IT compliance risk assessment framework and periodically assess the regulatory, commercial, and organizational, inherent and residual IT compliance risks.
  • Identify the associated IT compliance control gaps and carry out the documentation, implementation, and testing of the entire IT compliance control portfolio.
  • Develop and direct IT compliance control monitoring programs to ensure IT compliance-related risks are managed to the appropriate level of acceptable residual risk.
  • Implement and maintain an IT compliance issue management tracking and resolution process that will address known issues, according to severity and potential impact to the organization.
  • Report the levels of IT compliance risk and control effectiveness to key stakeholders such as IT-business unit management, senior management, legal management, regulators, internal/external auditors, etc.
  • Coordinate audit-related tasks such as ensuring the readiness of IT managers and their organizations for audit testing and facilitating the timely resolution of any audit findings.
  • Assist with the management of the overall IT compliance-related budget/financial spend in accordance with the desired IT compliance risk appetite of the organization.
  • Assist business and IT managers with the acquisition of tools and expertise to assist with IT compliance-related projects and initiatives.
  • Create an IT compliance training and awareness program that periodically educates the requisite end-user community on the relevant IT compliance requirements and certifies their adherence to the relevant IT compliance controls.

Regulatory Compliance Activities

  • Work with corporate legal and compliance representatives to identify all related IT compliance requirements (i.e., security, user access, privacy, data integrity, etc.) associated with the laws and regulations within all relevant jurisdictions.
  • Ensure all related IT compliance policies are updated, based on any relevant regulatory changes or new laws.
  • Follow the regulatory change management process that identifies and coordinates the modification of related technological functions, business processes and/or compliance controls.
  • Conduct necessary IT compliance control monitoring and testing activities to determine the effectiveness of the controls.
  • Remediate IT compliance control deficiencies.
  • Coordinate the investigation of any potential unlawful or fraudulent action related to IT compliance, such as the intentional release of privileged information or a related security breach.

Commercial Compliance Activities

  • Work with internal representatives to identify all IT compliance commercial requirements and industry standards, related to the supply as well as the delivery of goods and services.
  • Communicate IT compliance standards and requirements to relevant suppliers through various means, such as requests for proposal, contractual terms, etc.
  • Perform necessary due diligence activities to determine third-party adherence with IT compliance requirements prior to establishing a business relationship.
  • Monitor third-party adherence to IT compliance requirements and address any and all instances of noncompliance.
  • Request proof of required industry standard certification or report (e.g., ISO 27001, Service Organization Control Reports, PCI DSS, etc.).

Organizational Compliance Activities

  • Work with IT and business representatives to identify the goals and objectives of the organization and translate them into IT compliance requirements such as IT security and user access policies and controls.
  • Manage and maintain the existing ISO 27001 certification and continuously improve to include relevant controls required by the organization.
  • Evaluate any related external frameworks or standards (e.g., Qatar NIA, Qatar NICS, ITIL, COBIT, National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST], etc.) or internal standards (e.g., code of conduct and use) to determine the relevant IT compliance requirements and controls.
  • Identify any gaps between the desired level of compliance and the current level of maturity.
  • Develop and implement the required IT compliance policies and controls to meet the desired level of compliance maturity reflected in a given standard or framework.
  • Oversee the monitoring and periodic testing of IT compliance controls to ensure ongoing adherence, with a given standard or framework.
  • Identify and resolve any issue of noncompliance, with a related standard or framework.

Strategic Support

Monitor and report on compliance with security policies, as well as the enforcement of policies within the IT department.
Propose changes to existing policies and procedures to ensure operating efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Security Liaison

  • Assist resource owners and IT staff in understanding and responding to security audit failures reported by auditors.
  • Provide security communication, awareness and training for audiences, which may range from senior leaders to field staff.
  • Work with various stakeholders to identify information asset owners to classify data and systems as part of a control framework implementation.
  • Serve as an active and consistent participant in the information security governance process.
  • Provide support and guidance for legal and regulatory compliance efforts, including audit support.

Architecture/Engineering Support

Recommend and coordinate the implementation of technical controls to support and enforce defined security policies.
Work with the enterprise architecture team to ensure that there is a convergence of business, technical and security requirements; liaise with IT management to align existing technical installed base and skills with future architectural requirements.

Operational Support
Coordinate, measure, and report on the technical aspects of security management.


  • Education, Training and Certification
  • Undergraduate degree in the field of law, computer science or business administration; graduate degree in one these fields preferred.
  • Industry-related legal, compliance, information security or business continuity management certification is preferred.


Terms and conditions
Joining time frame: 2 weeks (maximum 1 month)

Additional Information

Terms and conditions:
Joining time frame: maximum 4 weeks
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